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Baking Stone

A must have for all your baking needs. Wether you're baking bread or making fresh pizzas at home, our baking stone ensures an evenly heated bottom for that perfect crust, even in an ordinary home oven.

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Available in custom sizes. Easy to handle, sturdy and requiring minimal care, these are perfect for all baked goodies.

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With its excellent heat retention the baking stone gives a great finish to the pizza or bread. It also helps the oven get hot again much faster after opening the door to remove the pizza / bread.

Hand Picked by us

Apeksh Dripper

Our choice for the perfect pour over coffee. Moulded for perfection for a cup of coffee as bright as the dripper itself. Available in 4 colors.


Shelaj Jug

Water, Cocktail or even Plants. Our Versatile jugs are being used not just for drinks but also as pieces of art decorating homes with real plants or flowers in them.


Dwait Bowl Small

The chefs favorite serveware for breakfast bowls, salads and even ramen. Modern, elegant and just the right balance of colour makes this our favorite bowl.

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